Thrissur Pooram in kerala

Thrissur Pooram

 On April 19 2024

Its kerala state's most famous socio-religious festival .  It is the largest and most famous of all poorams in India
It is held at the Vadakkunnathan (Shiva) Temple in Thrissur every year on the Pooram day. in the Malayalam Calendar month of Medam.
It was started by Sakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin (1790–1805)
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Trissur pooram

Sakthan Thampuran divided the temples around trissur into into two groups, EASTERN and WESTERN group
EASTERN group:
Paramekkavu side headed by Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple at Thrissur Swaraj Round Includes the following temples Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple
Chembukkavu Bhagavathy Temple
Panamukkumpally Sastha Temple
Choorakkottukavu Bhagavathy Temple
Pookattikkara - Karamukku Bhagavathy Temple
Kanimangalam Sastha temple
WESTERN group:
Thiruvambady side headed by Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple at Shoranur road. Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple
Laloor Bhagavathy Temple
Ayyanthole Sree Karthyayani Temple
Nethilakkavu Bhagavathy Temple

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Trissur pooram programme schedule

Events during Thrissur Pooram:

programme for 2024  april 19 2024
April 13 kodiyettam
April 17  sample fire works
April 19 Thrissur pooram festival
April 20 morning fireworks and noon farewell

 programme for 2023 april 30 2023

Flag hosting: The pooram officially begins with flag hoisting called Kodiyettam which takes place seven days before Thrissur Pooram. 24 April 2023
Pooram announcement (Vilambaram) : An elephant with the idol of 'Neithilakkavilamma' on top of it pushes open the south entrance gate of the Vadakkunnathan Temple, which hosts the Thrissur Pooram.
Display of caparisons: 27 April 2023
Display of fireworks (sample vedikettu): fourth day after flag hoisting. A one hour pyro techniqe display watch a video. 28 April 2023
Main pooram: Seventh day of the pooram is the last day. It is also known as Pakal Pooram.Kootti Ezhunnelippu’ (parade) and ‘Kudamattom’ (display of colourful umbrellas).Pandimelam and Ilanjithara Melam.
30 April 2023
Display of fireworks ( main round) Early morning of seventh day and in the afternoon
Farewell ceremony:
May 1 2023
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Trissur pooram

Latest available news 2022:

Kodiyettam : may 4 2022.  started first at paramekkavu temple between 9 am and 10 30 am. The diety was taken out with percussion display by peruvanam kuttan marar.Paramekaku sree padmanabhan carried the thidambu.
kodiyetam at thiruvampadi 10:30 am and 10.55 am. the pooram purappadu started at 3 pm thiruvampadi chnadrasekharan carried the thidambu.
kodiyettam ceremonies were held at the other eight participating temples.
sample fireworks: may 8 2022
pooram day : may 10
Final round fireworks: may 11
Thekkinkadu maiden or ground is vibrant with activities with a number of vendors selling items like ballons popcorn candy and ornaments.

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Trissur pooram

Previous pooram news:
May 10 2022
ceremonies begins at 7:30 am with the arrival of Cheru Pooram, smaller processions, from Kanimangalam Sastha, Karamukku Bhagavathy, Neythilakavu Bhagavathy, Lalur Bhagavathy, Panamukkampalli Sastha, Choorakkottukavu Durga, Ayyanthole Karthyayani and Chembukkavu Karthyayani temples.
Pandimelam and Ilanjithara Melam (derives its name from an Ilanji tree that stood in the Vadakkumnatha Temple.), The traditional music ensemble was played by teams led by maestros Annamanada Parameswara Marar, Mattannur Sankaran Kutty and Peruvanam Kuttan Marar displayed their skills.Panchavadyam, an ensemble comprising thimila, maddalam, kombu, kuzhal and ilathalam, is known for its typical Kerala sounds. Fifteen elephants each were exhibited by Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temple contingents, the main participants of the Pooram, at ‘Kootti Ezhunnelippu’ (parade) and ‘Kudamattom’ (display of colourful umbrellas). followed by pyrotechnic display

In 2010, tuskers Kuttankulangara Arjunan carried the idol of Paramekkavu Bhagavathyand and Thiruvambady Sivasundar, carried the idol of Thiruvambady Bhagavathy . A pyrotechnic show where tonnes of explosives are detonated takes place in the evening and early morning following the pooram.. The festivities of the Thrissur Pooram with the ceremonial ‘kodiyettam' (flag hoisting) by various participating temples, at separate functions. The week long clebration will end on Pooram day 2011 began on May 6th 2011 on May 12.
The Thiruvambadi Devaswom held the ‘kodiyettam' between 11.30 a.m. and 12 noon. . The ‘Poorappurappadu' was held at 2.30 p.m. It coincided with the hoisting of ceremonial flags at Naduvilal and Naikkanal. The Paramekkavu Devaswom held the ‘kodiyettam' between 11.45 a.m. and 12.15 p.m.
The ‘ kodiyettam' of Cheru Pooram was held at the Ayyanthole, Naithalakkavu, Choorakkottukavu, Lalur, Kanimangalam, Panamukkampilly, Chembukkavu and Karamukku temples. Kootti Ezhunnellippu and Kudamattom between Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi Devaswoms is the highlight of Thrissur Pooram. Sample Vedikettu,first round of display of fireworks will be held at 7 p.m. on May 10. Chamaya Pradarsanam (display of caparisons) by Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi Devaswoms will be held on May 10 and 11 respectively. . . . ..

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