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Njattuvelas /njattuvela calendar

Njattuvela refers to position of the sun in relation to zodiac signs. There are 27 Njattuvelas every year, each with a duration of thirteen-and-a-half days. The thiruvathira njattevela favours farming since there is steady rain at that period of the year. The solar transit of Alpha Orionis (Thiruvathira Njattuvela ) starts on June 22, . gives equal amont of rain and sun


The thiruvathita njattuvela from june 21 to july 5 which consists of 13 and a half days it is estimated that there will be 101 rains is considered the most important for agriculture. What crop to plant when according to the ancient njattuvela calendar.

ASWATHI (april 14 to April 27): time to plant paddy and tuber crops
 BHARANI  (april 27 to May 10): sweet potato, time to sow paddy on land
 KARTHIKA (May 10 to May 24): time to plant okhra brinjal bitter gourd, ginger, gourd, pumpkin
ROHINI (May 24 to june 7): time to plant cow peads, beans, time to take care of coconut trees,
MAKAYIRAM ( June 7 to june 21): time to plant coconut trees, mango jackfruit, pineapple
THIRUVATHIRA (june 21 to july 3): ideal time for planting any crop also ideal for coconut trees, pepper 
PUNARTHAM ( july 3 -118): ideal for square beans amara betel leaves
PUYAM (july 18 to August 3):  plant betel leaves mundakkan paddy colocassia chembu elephant foot yam ginger turmeric
AIYLYAM ( August 3 to August 16) paddy tapioca give fertilizer to yam,
MAKAM (August 16 to august 30) gingelly horsegram ,
POORAM (August 30 to september 13) :paddy 2nd crop,
UTTRAM (september 13 to september 26) paddy second crop ,
ATHAM ( september 26 to october 10): ideal time to plant banana, cucumber salad cucumber  ,
CHITTIRA: (october 10 to october 23): apply fertilizer to coconut palm
CHOTHI (October 23 to november 6) : apply fertilizer to yam and tubers,
VISAKHAM (november 6 to november 19): apply fertlizer to cococnut and arecanut,
ANIZHAM (November 19 to december 2) : plant winter vegetables,
TRIKETTA (December 2 to december 15): punja paddy start cultivation, plant summer vegetables,
MOOLAM (december 15 to december 28): vegetable cultivation in paddy fields wher harvesting has been done,
PURADAM (December 28 to january 10):  plant okhra brinjal cucumber and pumpkin
UTTRADAM (January 10 to january 23): start cultivation of summer vegetables
THIRUVONAM njattuvela (January 23 to February 5): ideal time to start cultivation of cucumber, salad cucumber and other vegetables.
Avittam (February 5 to February 18): add soil to the base of vegetable plants.
Chatayam (february 18 to march 4): ideal time to plant yam, and other tuber crops
pururutathi (march 4 to march 17): ideal time to plant coconut trees and tuber crops
uttratathi (march 17 to march 30): ideal time to plant tuber crops
revathi njattuvela (march 30 to april 14): time for harvest of punja paddy, time to plant paddy

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Njattuvela calendar

Njattuvela calendar is followed for traditional farming in kerala. .

Thiruvathira Njattuvela

.The thiruvathira njattevela favours farming since there is steady rain at that period of the year. it is the best for planting trees and fruit trees. ... ....


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