Chinakkathur Pooram Kerala , INDIA,



Chinakkathur Pooram

Chinakkathur Pooram is the most famous festival of the Valluvanadu region.The festival is organised by seven Deshams of western and eastern sides. The Deshams are Ottapalam, Palappuram, Vallaramangalam, Meetna and Erakkottiri representing the western side and Thekkemangalam and Vadakkemangalam in the eastern side.
Sixteen replicas of horses, made of bamboo sticks and straw covered with colourful cloth and with a wooden horse-head, are taken around the temple.
It is followed by kuthirakali ( horse play).

Later there will be an elephant festival ( aana pooram) where about 27 elephants will participate of which 17 will be from the western side and 1o from the eastern side.

This will be accompanied by persussion formations like Panchavadyam, Chendamelam, ‘Kelikottu'. This will be followed by fire works.








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