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The Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) has launched a DVD giving comprehensive information on the flowering plants of the State. It states that 5,094 flowering plants from 1,537 genera belonging to 221 families have been recorded in the State.
Of this, 1,418 are newly recorded plants since the publication of The Flora of the Presidency of Madras (1916 to 1936). Among the flowering plants, 880 are exotic, which have either been introduced or accidently entered the State.

There are 819 medicinal, 52 poisonous, and 55 leafless flowering plants. A total of 493 flowering plants in the State are facing extinction as per the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Idukki has the highest number of flowering plants in the State. The DVD also contains 18,570 images of plants including rare, endangered, threatened and interesting species, 11,437 scientific names, and 6,768 local, trade, and common names.

The DVD is available at the KFRI Library. For details, contact 91- 487-2690291.

Aloe Vera




Back Tree


Black Gram



Castor Plant
cannon ball tree
Catechu Tree

Chebulic Myrobalam

Chinese Galls

Clearing Nut

Cumin Seed

Cunch Flower


Hear-Leaved Mood Seed
Horse gram

Indian Barberry
Indian Gentian
Indian Globe Flowers
Indian Kino Tree
Indian Spikenard
Jujube Tree
Kurchi, Conessi Bark
Long Leaved Barlaria





Long Pepper Cubebs

Maring Nat

Muccuna Seeds

Neem / Margosa

Nut Grars

Pagoda plant

Peruvian Bark

Piper Cubeba

Poison Seed

Radix Plumbago

Rough Chaft



Spreading Hog Weed

Sugar Cane

Swallow Wart / Giant Milk Weed

Winter Cherry


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