Valiya Padayani Kerala , INDIA,



Valiya Padayani

Padayani festival at Bhagavathy Temple at Kadammanitta came to a close with ‘Pooppada' and ‘Karavanchiyirakkal The drawings were painted in natural colours on giant Bhairavi kolams made of areca spathes and intricately cut palm fronds.

As many as 100 Padayani artistes in their traditional attire of white dhothi and a red shawl wrapped around the waist assembled at the Padayani ground.

The performance by different types of kolams began with the Ganapathi kolam.

Trained artistes, wearing the kolams of Pakshi, Yakshi, Sundara Yakshi, Anthara Yakshi, Kanjiramala, Marutha, and Kalan kolam, performed the ritualistic temple art



The traditional Poppada, followed by Karavanchiyirakkal, in which the devotees spread out in the shape of a snake boat on the temple premises, marked the culmination of the event at day-break.

The Pakal Padayani will be held on Tuesday followed by the Kalamezhuthu-pattu in the evening






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