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Onam festival

Thiru Onam is celebrated in the second half of August (the Chingam month of the malayalam calendar ) or first week of september when the monsoon rains come to an end and the autumn season in kerala begins . .. .

Onam in kerala

.Social anthropologists see Onam as a great fertility rite, the ceremony of Thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest. For Keralites Onam is the celebration of the return of Mahabali, their once beloved king. ,    .. .

Onam in kerala

Onam is celebrated over 10 days. onam is a good time for shopping as many shops offer bargain deals. onam sadya: is a vegetarian course of food that is served during the onam festival. Onam also is the season for snake boat races in kerala ; . .

Pookalam Floral carpet

Floral carpet (pookalam) are made by most residents at their homes  in kerala during the onam days. Locally available flowers like marigold, hibiscus , jasmine, green leaves etc are used for creating the floral carpets. Flower carpet competitions are also held in institutions lke schools and colleges.

Onam kerala

The ten days preceeding onam are 1.Atham 2.Chithira 3.Chodhi  4.Visakam 5.Anizham 6.Thriketa 7. Moolam 8.Pooradam 9.Uthradam : utrada pachil which signifies the rush to make all the necesary arrangements on the day before onam. 10. Thiruvonam . . ..

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