Sabdatharavali Malayalam Lexicon


First and the most authentic Malayalam dictionary till date written by Sreekanteswaram G. Padmanabha Pillai. (Malayalam is the mother tongue of the people of the state of kerala in India) Sreekanteswaram (1864-1946) dedicated his life to Malayalam lexicography He began to work on the lexicon aged 32 years and self-published the first edition comprising 500 copies with a cover price of Rs. 22 at the age of 58.

S G Padmanabha pillai

.Author of sabdatharavali Sreekanteswaram G. Padmanabha Pillai. .


Besides being a dictionary, Sabdatharavali offers references to classical texts, archaic expressions and dialectical variations. It is a voluminous text spanning 2,056 pages in one part alone. Is sells around 5000 copies annually according to the publishers. Contains about one and a half lakh words. Celebrated 90th anniversary of publication in 2013. .


.Review of the book: According to most well known figures in malayalam language, it is  the most-standardised , most-accepted Malayalam lexicon nd also the first and the most authentic Malayalam dictionary to date. ..


Well known critic M.K. Sanoo considers him equal to A.R. Rajaraja Varma for his contributions to the evolution of Malayalam in the modern era . Book available in leading book stores. Publishers SPCS ltd kottayam kerala
available at National book stalls all over kerala. . .