Kannur District in kerala India

kannur district

By air: Kannur airport or kozhikode airport  (115 km)
Aralam wildlife sanctuary : (61 knm from talassery) this is a wild life sanctuary covering 55 sq km. elephants sambars sloth bears, mouse deer are found here.
ezhimala : naval academy is situated here
Mahe. .


Pazhassi dam
Paithal mala
Thalassery . .


Arackal kottayam
Thalasssery fort
Gundert bunglow .. . .


Muzhappilangad beach : (15 km from kannur and 8 km from talassery) only drive in beach in kerala
Thiruvangad. .


Past events : The Kannur district administration is launching a unique initiative, combining tourism promotion, entertainment, a spirit of adventure, and an awareness of healthy living and physical activity, by celebrating May 2018 as the Month of Adventure.
May 6 is dedicated to cycling enthusiasts, with the Kannur district sports council and the district administration organising a cycling marathon from Kannur to the Muzhappilangad beach.
May 13, a 10.5-km marathon run Thalassery Heritage Run is being conducted, which will also take the runners by the Thalassery Fort, Thiruvangad temple, and several other heritage spots.
May 20 swim across the Valapattanam river, by crossing the 570 m wide Parassini Cross.
May 27, will give adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to take part in Kayaking, which has been organised at Kawwayi near Payyannur.  . . ..

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